Take-out and Delivery Menu

Due to the closure of all restaurants in Colorado we are going to start Take-Out and Delivery from 18th of March 2020.

Dear customers, we love to indulge you with some healthy and delicious fresh food during this difficult time. Stay safe, stay healthy and if with preconditions please stay at home!

Delivery Area Lakewood, Co.

Delivery area scribble

Our delivery area is in Lakewood, Co. from 8th Ave. to Jewell Ave. and from Garrison St. to Sheridan Blvd.

+++ Please order by phone +++
720 329 8188

Main Courses

Beef Stoganoff beef stew with pickles, onions and cream with mashed potatoes or 4 Pierogies

$  14.49

Goulash beef stew with tomates, onions, spicy with mashed potatoes or 4 Pierogies

$  14.99

Schnitzel Viennese style
breaded pork fried in butter wit potato salad
and mushroom sauce

$ 15.99

1 Cabbage roll plain with tomato sauce cabbage filled with hamburger, onions and spices

$ 5.79

1 Cabbage roll with 4 Pierogies 
potato-cheese or pork

$  10.49

Sauerbraten beef marinated in Balsamico and red Wine with mashed potatoes or 4 Pierogies (potato-cheese or pork) and red cabbage

$  19.49

Wurst - Brats from Continental

All Brats come with sauerkraut and onions

Brat veal and pork, white

$  6.49

Brat – upgrade with potato salad

$ 10.49


Mushroom soup, vegetarian

$  5.49

Carrot Coconut Ginger, vegan

$  5.49

Cabbage Stew with sausage and bacon

$  6.49

Lentil Soup with sausage

$  6.49


German Cheese Cake

$  5.49

Black Forest Cherry Cake

$  5.49

Apfel Strudel

$  5.49

Berry Dream (home made red berries ice cream)

$  5.49

+++ Please order by phone +++
720 329 8188
  • Minimum order is $20
  • Delivery fee $ 5 within boundaries (see picture above)
  • Credit card only
  • All food is handcrafted and done with love and care.
  • Our dishes offer a selection of authentic German cuisine.
  • We cook according to the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Most of our ingredients are organic, the meat is free of hormones and antibiotics, pork organic.
  • We don’t use GMO, MSG and most dishes are gluten free.

Mondays and Tuesdays closed 

Guten Appetit! Enjoy your meal!