It's time to eat!

After month of hard work we are so exited to open up GABYS GERMAN EATERY for all our friends and faithful customers from the farmers markets.

Featured Dishes


Sauerbraten is a braised roast pre-treated by marinating for several days in a stain of vinegar and other like wine, onion, carrots and spices such as bay leaf, cloves and peppercorns. This marinade gives the sauerbraten its distinctive taste. Once you’ve enjoyed it, you want to eat it again and again.


A Black Forest cake is a cream cake that has spread mainly in Germany since the 1930s and has become the most popular German cake over time. Today it is considered the classic German cake par excellence and is known all over the world. The main components are chocolate sponge cake bases flavoured with cherry brandy, a flavoured cherry filling, cream, cherries and chocolate flakes as decoration. 

Foto: under GNU Licence Manfred Brückels


Pirogge is a stuffed dumpling made of yeast, puff pastry or noodle dough, which is widely used in Eastern European and Finnish cuisine. The method of production, fillings and names vary from region to region. Our Piroggies are stuffed with YXXX.

What Our Costumers say

Great ingredients, traditional recipes; no messing with the Jenga tower of taste here. Can't wait until the Belmar location opens!

Names James on Facebook

Best perogis in Colorado, possibly anywhere. Pork pergogis with green chili are proof Colorado can improve on any cuisine. Also, watermelon juice pairs especially well with vodka!

Lisa Scott on Facebook