Original German Schweinshaxe – on Weekends only!

Schweinshaxe fresh from the oven

We are exited to present you another very special dish from Germany: The beloved Schweinhaxe!

The Original Schweinshaxe will be served only on weekends. Please make sure to pre order!

Each Schweinshaxe takes about 4 hours to prepare, and we are quite sure you wouldn’t want to wait that long. We serve the Schweinshaxe with Sauerkraut and Semmelknödel. It tastes best with friends, so bring some along!

Listen: Gabys German Eatery at Denver’s Restaurant Show

Well, that was a nice surprise! On the weekend new guests came to Gaby’s German Eatery. They said, they had heard of us in Denver’s most famous restaurant show at Cruisin’ 1430 AM with host Warren Byrne.

A guest named Steffen had called the station. He talked about his experiences with us and praised our cuisine. If you want to hear what he has to say, listen right here. It startes at minute 29:20 – not that the rest of the show wasn’t worth every minute either!

Many thanks dear Steffen! And Warren, if you want to know more about our authentic homemade dishes, you are always welcome on a bratwurst, a sauerbraten or a German cheesecake!

Opening Menu

Main Courses

Sauerbraten with mashed potatoes or 4 pierogies and red cabbage

$ 15.49

Rouladen with mashed potatoes or 4 pierogies and red cabbage (beef rolls stuffed with bacon and pickles)

$ 15.49

Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes or 4 pierogies

$ 11.99

Goulash with mashed potatoes or 4 pierogies

$ 11.99

Szegediner Goulash with potatoes, sauerkraut and cream, juniper berries and caraway

$ 11.99

Cabbage roll plain with tomato sauce

$  4.99

Cabbage Roll with 4 pierogies

$  8.49

Spätzle with cheese, Käsespätzle

$  7.99

Wurst - Sausages

Currywurst with potato salad

$  7.99

Currywurst plain

$  4.99

Brat with Sauerkraut and sauteed onions.
Choose your sauce: tomato, green chile

$  5.49


Potato-Cheese, Pork, Potato-Onions, Feta-Spinach.
Portion of 5 classic (sauteed onions and sour cream)
Choose a different topping: tomato sauce, green chile

$  5.99

Portion of 10 as above

$ 10.99

Soups - vary with season

Carrot-Coconut-Ginger, vegan, 12 oz

$  5.49

Red Beet with Vodka, vegan, 12 oz

$  5.49

Borschtsch with beef, 12 oz

$  6.49

Lentil soup German style, 12 oz

$  6.49

Sauerkraut-Kabanossi-Stew, 12oz

$  6.49

🍴 Chefs menu of the day


Reibekuchen, potato pancakes with apple sauce 3 for

$  8.99


Liver Berlin style with apple and onion rings and mashed potatoes

$ 13.99


Chefs surprise day

day price


Herring Salad, red or white with apples, eggs and cream

$  7.99


Schnitzel with potato salad and green salad

$ 14.99


On Sundays we serve potato dumplings as an additional side dish

$ 4.99

Mondays closed

Extras with all dishes

Small salad with home made Ranch or Italian dressing

$  1.00

Warm Bavarian kraut salad with bacon and caraway

$  4.99

Potato-salad, German style

$  4.99

Deserts & Various Cakes

Black Forest Cherry Cake (gluten free)

$  4.99

German Cheese Cake

$  4.99

Poppy Seed Cake

$  4.99

Sacher Torte

$  4.99

Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce

$  4.99

House Cake

$  2.99

Rote Grütze with vanilla sauce

$  4.99

Dampfnudel with Vanilla sauce  or poppy seed and butter (takes about 15 min)


$  6.99

  • All food is handcrafted and done with love and care.
  • Our dishes offer a selection of authentic German cuisine.
  • We cook according to the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Most of our ingredients are organic, the meat is free of hormones and antibiotics, pork organic.
  • We don’t use GMO, MSG and most dishes are gluten free.

Guten Appetit! Enjoy your meal!